One latest addition to the games in the world of smart phones is the game known as Flappy Bird. This game is a free game made by the independent designer named as Dong Nguyen. This game is topping the charts currently. Although the game is several months old, it has suddenly become popular after getting social media exposure. Playing a Flappy Bird game makes it irresistible for one to avoid this game.

How to Play Flappy Bird Online

The game play of Flappy Bird is simple yet very tough to play. You just have one bird on the screen and by tapping it makes the bird flap the wings and makes it go up and down. The background of the game is constantly scrolling and then you have to flap the bird in between the gaps that is made by the large pipes of green color. If the bird touches the pipe or even the ground, the game gets over. Every pipe you pass, you get one point for that. This makes the game very tough to play as controlling the bird is tough and passing it between the small gaps between the pipes is also really tough.

The game is nothing but a really tough yet and addictive game to play. You will certainly start by hitting the pipe or falling on the ground. After playing it for several times, you only will have a score or three or four points. This makes it frustrating but also tempts you to try every time you fail. You have to spend few hours to get on the top score. You will start wondering that is there any other way you to clear the levels, but there are no other methods except tapping the bird to flap it up and down. the gaps are narrow and all it requires from you is extreme attention and responsiveness to get on the top. You will also consider several options like tapping frequently or aiming for the bottom first. In real, there is not such method to work. Your luck and reaction is extremely important.

The distance in the pipes is not much wide and the control on the bird is even really clumsy. Many people give up the game after hitting the pipes in the first few attempts.

Pros of the game

  • Addictive and a great way to pass time
  • It is a free game with no purchases in the app

Cons of the game

  • Makes you want to destroy your phone
  • Makes you irritated
  • Graphics are not at all good
  • The gameplay is poor
  • The game is extremely hard
  • Discourages you from playing in the first few rounds only
  • Difficult to control the bird

To sum it all, the game Flappy birds is not much of a good game but it is harmless fun game that you can play to kill time.

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